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Do you buy shoes to match your mobile phone?

Are you tired of your routine job?

Do you like ultramodern music and different cocktails?

Do you and your friends work too hard?

We recommend you have a good time at the Rasputin nightclub!

The Rasputin has a large dance floor, a wide choice of drinks and an entertaining show-programme.

The club is named after the legendary Grigory Rasputin - a resident of the Tobolsk province and close friend of the family of the emperor, Tzar Nicolas II.

Every Friday and Saturday there are crazy competitions, a show programme and - "strawberry"!

Prizes from the Birch bar and sessions at the fitness-center are given away in a draw, with an 80's Disco on Thursdays and Sundays.

There is an oriental hookah especially for that exotic smoking experience.

The Rasputin nightclub is the place for those who are ready to have fun all night long!

Opening hours
10:00 pm till 06:00 am
seven days a week
(3456) 399-135
Hotel "Slavjanskaja" (2nd floor), stroyeniye 1, microrayon 9, Tobolsk
 9th mikrodiskritct.1, 626150, Tobolsk, Tyumen Region, Russia
  RESERVATION DEPARTMENT:  tel.: (007) (3456) - 399-101  /  fax: (007) (3456) - 251-836