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To increase a photo The Slavjanskaja offers 53 double rooms.
The A1-type Double room consists of a main room and en suite bathroom. The main room has two single beds (100200cm), bedside-tables, desk, coffee table, easy chairs, luggage storage compartment, mini-bar, cable television, phone, and individually controllable heating system.

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The A2-type Double room. For couples with children. The spacious main room is equipped with double beds (140200cm), easy chairs, soft sofas and a coffee table. Paintings by local artists of Tobolsk and its surroundings of create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. The office area has a desk.
There is also a bathroom, mini-bar, cable television, phone, bedside-tables, a luggage storage compartment, and individually controllable heating system.

One day
For 3 person.
(one day)
For 4 person.
(one day)
-1. Double room
4 000 - 00 rubles
-2. Double room
4 200 - 00 rubles
5 200 - 00 rubles
6 200 - 00 rubles

1. Prices are in rubles, and do not include VAT
2. The breakfast buffet is included in the cost of your stay
3. Children under seven years of age stay at the hotel without charge
4. We accept the following forms of payment
  • cash
  • personal cheque with identity card
  • Credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, STB, JCB.

    Check in / check out time: arrival at 12:00 noon. Departure at 12:00 noon.

    Phone: +7 3456 26 27 01
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    A - 2
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