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The Cafe-confiserie is named in honour of the great Queen Maria Romanova the third daughter of Tsar Nicolas II.

The Maria Cafe is a favourite meeting place for children and their parents, a place for romantic dates or business meetings. The comfortable cafe seats 25 and has more than 60 different cakes on the menu together with pies, sorbets and dairy ice-creams, desserts with berries and fruits, and of course real, strong, coffee.

We can cater for: Childrens parties, quiet evening dates, or business meetings.

We can make to order any wedding, anniversary, birthday or special corporate cake to suit the occasion. Check out our wide variety of fruitcakes!

Opening hours
11:00 till 22:00
seven days a week
(3456) 399-136
Hotel "Slavjanskaja" (2nd floor), 9th mikrodiskritct.1, 626150, Tobolsk, Tyumen Region, Russia
 9th mikrodiskritct.1, 626150, Tobolsk, Tyumen Region, Russia
  RESERVATION DEPARTMENT:  tel.: (007) (3456) - 399-101