Bars and restaurants

The famous Romanov Restaurant combines 19th century style Russian cuisine, a modern European level of service and a museum to the Tzar and his family.

The Romanov hall accommodates up to 80 on two different levels. A beautifully decorated stairway, the handrails covered with gold mosaic, leads to the upper circle, The decor is in light golden-beige tones showing aspects of Royal life. On the ceiling there is an oval cartouche with a group portrait of Nicolas II and his family. The walls are covered with panels draped in costly fabrics. The classical portieres give a grandiose, palace look to the hall. Corinthian columns with gilt capitals "support" the palace interior. The stylized monogram of Nicolas II is present in many elements of decor, utensils, services, napkins, cloths, etc A huge mirror in a carved gilt frame extends the space. The restored ivory coloured grand piano by F.Mulhbach fits harmoniously into the palatial interior. The whole hall is decorated with heraldic symbols. The large equestrian portrait of Nicolas II in the foyer creates a regal atmosphere where the luxury of the interior combines in harmony with the practical content.

Everything here inclines the guest to consider thoughtfully the extraordinary Tzarist period of Russian history.

Opening hours
12:00 till 22:00
closed: on Sundays
(3456) 399-139
Hotel "Slavjanskaja" (6th floor)
 9th mikrodiskritct.1, 626150, Tobolsk, Tyumen Region, Russia
  RESERVATION DEPARTMENT:  tel.: (007) (3456) - 399-101